How to Replace the 1761-NETENI

Get Back Control of your PLCs with the 515RTAENI

How much control do you have when a vendor tells you their product is obsolete, and management tells you they aren’t going to replace your legacy system?

Rockwell decided to retire the 1761-NETENI – but there’s a problem: You can’t say goodbye to the NETENI communications module. Your legacy PLCs need it to function.

Who’s got your back? Real Time Automation does. We know you need control over your systems…

So we designed the 515RTAENI-N34 module to be a replacement for the NETENI. Features include:

  • Browser based configuration and diagnostics
  • Supports up to 6 TCP/IP connections in each direction
  • Exposes additional data transfer options the NETENI never allowed!

Just unplug your 1761-NETENI and plug in the 515RTAENI. It’s just that simple to keep your systems running until it makes sense for them to move to a new architecture.

The 515RTAENI provides an option to add Ethernet communications for your legacy Allen-Bradley PLCs. After all…

It’s your network, your control!


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