Simplify Modbus Device Integration

into your Allen-Bradley PLC

Real Time Automation has a library of over 300 Modbus device templates from over 70 vendors. A simple click of a template file and your gateway is configured to move data from Modbus devices to your Allen-Bradley PLC. No more manually entering tables of Modbus Registers, no mapping of those data points to PLC tags. You do not even have to create the controller scope tags in your PLC! A ready to load file will generate the controller scope tags with appropriate naming in your PLC. The only thing you have to do is properly assign the IP and serial network settings.

Templates make the process of deploying a gateway as close to plug and play as possible. Better still the existing templates below are available to at no additional cost.

RTA’s Templates cover the data portion but don’t not cover the communications portion. That’s where your information gathering, research, and test bench setup come into play, determining what the wiring, serial setting and network communications are. If you’ve got multiple locations where the setup will be the same every time, then the Plug-n-Play solution will be a massive time save.

Over 300 data mapping from the following vendors:

Even more templates also available from the vendors below

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