Quickly add barcode scanning to your allen-bradley plc with


Whether you’re looking to increase productivity on your factory floor by implementing track and trace solutions or looking to improve processes through rich data capture and analysis, Real Time Automation’s ScanDr. is the barcode scanning solution you’ve been looking for.

ScanDr. is the all-in-one solution to add handheld barcode scanners to MicroLogix, ControlLogix®, CompactLogix, PLC-5® and SLC 5/05 Allen-Bradley PLCs.

ScanDr. Package

Handheld Barcode Scanning for Your PLCs

You get everything you need to integrate barcode data quickly and easily into your Allen-Bradley PLC.

The ScanDr. package includes the handheld barcode scanner(s), the 435NBX ASCII to PLC gateway, and all required cabling to make your application work. RTA also provides the AOI to make installation as easy as possible: just enter the PLC type and the PLC’s IP Address into the gateway and your’re done.

Painless Scanner Replacement

With ScanDr., scanner replacements are seamless. The gateway maintains the connection with the PLC, so no changes to your logic or connections are needed! Simply plug in a replacement scanner to the DB9 port and start scanning. You won’t miss a beat when a scanner fails.

Industrial Scanners

  • Withstands multiple drops @ 5.0 ft./1.5 m to concrete
  • Withstands 250 tumbles @ 1.5 ft./0.5 m
  • Ingress Sealing IP42
  • Withstands harsh industrial environments

Industrial Corded Replacement Barcode Scanner

Easy-to-use industrial Zebra corded replacement barcode scanners.

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Industrial Cordless Replacement Barcode Scanner

Easy-to-use industrial Zebra cordless replacement barcode scanners.

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Rugged Scanners

  • Withstands multiple drops @ 8.0 ft./2.4 m to concrete
  • Withstands 5,000 tumbles @ 3.3 ft./1 m
  • Ingress Sealing IP65
  • Withstands even harsher industrial environments

Rugged Corded Replacement Barcode Scanner

Easy-to-use rugged Zebra corded replacement barcode scanners.

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Rugged Cordless Replacement Barcode Scanner

Easy-to-use rugged Zebra cordless replacement barcode scanners.

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Lower Cost of Ownership Than EtherNet/IP Scanners

You can get expensive EtherNet/IP-enabled scanners, but that locks you into expensive replacement parts. Scanners (like everything handheld on your line) are a regular point of failure. With the life span of handheld barcode scanners measured in the number of drops, they’re lucky to last a year! ScanDr. allows you to utilize cost-effective scanners that reduce your replacement costs over time. With the 435NBX gateway lasting up to 10 years, ScanDr. packages make barcode scanner replacements truly plug-and-play.

EtherNet/IP Scanner ScanDr. Package
Month 1 Initial Investment: $1,300 Scanner Initial Investment: $1,500 Package
Month 9 Replacement=$1,300 Replacement Scanner=$250
Month 18 Replacement=$1,300 Replacement Scanner=$250
Month 27 Replacement=$1,300 Replacement Scanner=$250
Month 36 Replacement=$1,300 Replacement Scanner=$250
Total Cost Year 3 $6,500 $2,500
Cost Savings $4,000

The Problem with Most Scanners

Barcode scanners provide ASCII data that is hard to deal with in an A-B PLC. Plus, the scanners support physical layers like RS-232 and USB but few PLCs still have serial ports and the USB is designed for programming only. Even if you have the physical layer problem solved, you still have scanners that need to be mounted within ten feet of the PLC. On top of that, you have to deal with alternative power options because few scanners support 24VDC common in control panels.

Your Solution Is ScanDr.

With ScanDr., ASCII strings are parsed and delivered directly into a data table of your A-B PLC. Add-on instructions are included to simplify the usage in ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs. The solution connects to the PLC via Ethernet, greatly enhancing your placement options. And all the cabling and power regulation hardware is included. You connect the gateway via Ethernet to the PLC and attach the red and black power cables to a 24VDC: no additional components are needed! It’s that simple!

If you don’t agree that ScanDr. is the easiest and quickest way to add handheld barcode scanning to an Allen-Bradley PLC, we’ll give you your money back…every penny.

Why ScanDr.

“I remember the pressure to keep the line running and product flowing: the endless headaches and stress that came with installing new devices on my line. Sourcing the right part, configuring devices, programming PLCs and navigating the endless catalogs of cables and components to properly power my applications. It was the worst part of my job.”

That’s why we created ScanDr. It’s a simple, cost-effective, all-in-one solution designed to add handheld barcode scanners to your A-B PLCs easily and painlessly. If you need to add barcode scanning capabilities to your production line or if you already have ScanDr. and you just need to order a replacement scanner, check out the entire line of ScanDr. products.