The fastest and easiest way to integrate barcode data into your Allen-Bradley PLC.


Product Description

ScanDr. Package: Handheld Barcode Scanning for your Allen-Bradley PLC!

Congratulations! You’ve found the easiest way to add handheld barcode scanning to MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, PLC-5, and SLC5/05 Allen-Bradley PLCs. The ScanDr. Is an all in one solution that provides everything you need to easily get barcode data into your A-B PLC application. If you don’t agree that the ScanDr. solution is the easiest and quickest way to add handheld barcode scanning to an A-B PLC, we will buy the package back.

A Better Way to Add Barcode Scanning to your PLC!

The problem is barcode scanners provide ASCII data that is hard to deal with in an A-B PLC. The scanners also support physical layers like RS-232 and USB. Few PLC’s still have serial ports and the USB is designed for programming only. Even if you have the physical layer problem solved you still have scanners that need to be mounted within ten feet of the PLC. You also have to deal with an alternative power option. This all adds cost and complexity.

The ScanDr. package solves these problems. ASCII strings are parsed and delivered directly into a data table of your A-B PLC. AOI’s are included to simplify the usage in Control & CompactLogix PLC’s. The solution connects to the PLC via Ethernet greatly enhancing your placement options. All the cabling and power regulation hardware is included. You connect the gateway via ethernet to the PLC and attach the RED and
BLACK power cables to a 24VDC, no additional components are needed! A true single source solution!

It’s that simple!

The ScanDr. package includes the handheld barcode scanner(s), the 435NBX ASCII to PLC gateway, and all required cabling to make your application work. Just enter the PLC type and the PLC’s IP Address into the gateway. RTA provides the AOI to make installation as easy as possible. One Source for a Done-4-You solution.

Package Comparison:


Industrial Package Rugged Package
Weight 5.7 oz (Wired); 7.5 oz (Wireless) 10.76 oz (Wired); 14.34 oz (Wireless)
Field of view Horizontal: 32.8°, Vertical: 24.8° Horizontal: 42°, Vertical: 28°
Image Sensor 640 x 480 pixels 1,280 x 800 pixels
Minimum Print Contrast 25% minimum reflective difference 15% minimum reflective difference
Scanner Operating Temp 32.0° to 122.0° F (Wired & Wireless) -22° F to 122° F (Wired); -4° F to 122° F (Wireless)
Scanner Drop Specification Withstands multiple drops @ 5.0 ft./1.5 m to concrete Withstands multiple drops @ 8.0 ft./2.4 m to concrete
Tumble Specification Withstands 250 tumbles @ 1.5 ft./0.5 m Withstands 5,000 tumbles @ 3.3 ft./1 m
Ingress Sealing IP42 IP65
Electrostatic Discharge ESD per EN61000-4-2, ±15 KV Air discharge, ±8 KV Direct discharge, ±8 KV Indirect discharge ESD per EN61000-4-2, ±25 KV Air discharge, ±10 KV Direct discharge, ±10 KV Indirect discharge
RoHS RoHS EN 50581 RoHS EN 50581
Electrical Safety EN 60950-1 2ed + A11 + A1 + A12 + A2:2013, IEC 60950-1 2ed + A1 + A2, UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-07 EN 60950-1: 2006 + A11: 2009 + A1:2010 + A12: 2011 + AC 2011 + A2: 2013, IEC 60950-1: 2005 + A1: 2009 + A2: 2013, UL 60950-1, 2nd ed, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-07