Connect Serial and Ethernet Modbus Devices

The easiest way to transfer data between Modbus devices

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Product Description

The BFR3000 offers transparent data transfer between Modbus devices and controllers on different physical layers. The BFR3000 also has three operating modes making it your go-to device for moving data between Modbus networks.

  • Modbus RTU Master to Modbus TCP/IP Client: The router becomes a shared block of Modbus registers and coils. Either protocol is able to read or write values to and from the shared block of data.
  • Modbus RTU Slaves to Modbus TCP/IP Client: Modbus RTU slaves are presented as Modbus TCP/IP servers. Requests sent to a Modbus TCP/IP node ID will be routed to the matching slave ID on the Modbus RTU network.
  • Modbus TCP/IP Servers to Modbus RTU Master: Modbus TCP/IP servers are presented as Modbus RTU slaves. Define the IP address and unit ID’s of your Modbus server devices in the router. Then define what slave ID they will be mapped to.

Why Use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?

The BFR3000 provides the simplest solution to connect serial and Ethernet Modbus devices. While there are certainly a number of other companies offering stand-alone routers, there is no one who provides the level of support and service that you receive from RTA.

When you call, a live person answers the phone. When you talk with sales, you will get honest answers and recommendations, even if that means recommending someone else’s solution. When you get support, it is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development, and support doesn’t require a ticket or 24-hour wait. We are unashamed of the fact that we are a smaller company because that means you mean a lot more to us.

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  • Complete, Unlimited Access to our Industry Leading Support Staff
  • Manual
  • CAT5 Cross over cable for direct connection to PC during programming
  • 5 Year Hardware Warranty
  • IPSetup software — Automatically locates RTA Gateway on the network
  • Unlimited Firmware Feature Upgrades for Life

Modbus TCP Client / Modbus RTU Master

External Master: Can Read / Write up to 64K Registers and 64K Coils In BFR3000 using RTU or ASCII Encoding
Maximum Number TCP Client Connections: 5
Function Codes Supported: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16

Modbus TCP Client / Modbus RTU Slave

Number External Modbus TCP Clients Supported: 5
Mapping: Unit ID Field in the Client Modbus TCP Message becomes Modbus RTU Slave Address on the Modbus Network
Number of Modbus RTU Slaves Supported: 255
Function Codes Supported: All

Modbus RTU Master / Modbus TCP Server

Number External Modbus RTU Masters Supported: 1
Mapping: User Configurable Mapping Table translates RTU Slave ID to Modbus TCP Address/Unit ID Field
Number of Modbus TCP Servers Supported: 255
Function Codes Supported: All

Configuration Mechanism
Web Based Browser Configuration

Baud Rates Supported
110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 56000, 57600, 62500, 76800, 115200

Physical Connections
RS232, RS485, Ethernet

Modbus Variations Supported