ASCII / OPC UA Gateway

The Easiest Way to Transfer ASCII Between a Serial Device and an OPC UA Client

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Product Description

The Easiest Way to Transfer ASCII Between a Serial Device and an OPC UA Client

You have just found the easiest way to move ASCII serial data between an OPC UA enabled application and a serial device like a printer, barcode reader, weigh scale or RFID Scanner. Sure lots of companies offer ASCII gateways for these kinds of devices, but nobody offers one quite like this.

The 435UA is a bidirectional ASCII to OPC UA gateway that moves ASCII serial data between a serial device and any OPC UA Client application. Move label data from your ERP System to an OPC UA Printer. Move barcodes into an Oracle database. Move weigh data into a custom server application. The possibilities are endless.

Upgrade Networks and Keep Your Legacy Hardware

Even though Ethernet is the standard, there is still an awful lot of ASCII data out there. There are plenty of perfectly good scales, barcode readers, RFID devices and a multitude of other units that generate ASCII data. This is equipment that you’ve used for a long time. You know how to set it up, how to make it work and that it’s reliable. Plus, you can probably get it at a really good price since it doesn’t have all the fancy features of the new models. With the 435UA you can keep your old beloved ASCII devices and quickly integrate their data into your manufacturing network or enterprise system.

What Exactly Makes Our Gateways the Best Around?

Our gateways feature simultaneous dual port functionality. This allows you to connect two ASCII devices to an OPC UA Client with just one gateway. This may seem like a hassle to program, but it is surprisingly simple. In fact, there is very little to configure at all. You’ll need to define the OPC UA password, set up some features for your application like whether you want new barcodes to overwrite one that hasn’t been read and your done. It’s that simple.

  • Manual
  • 3’ power cable with flying leads
  • 6' null modem cable
  • 5-year hardware warranty
  • IPSetup software — automatically locates RTA gateway on the network
  • Unlimited firmware feature upgrades for life
  • CAT5 cross-over cable for direct connection to PC during programming
  • Complete, unlimited access to our industry leading support staff

ASCII Features

Maximum Number of ASCII devices: 2
Wide Characters: Add Padding on Outgoing
Serial Communications Port 0: RS232, RS485, RS422
Serial Communications Port 1: RS232
Message Queue Size: Configurable, 0-20 messages

Gateway Security
You can configure a user with access to diagnostic and configuration screens.

Status and Counters
Protocol-specific status, counters and error messages are accessible within the gateway's diagnostics page.

Diagnostic Logging Page
Allows users to see and log start up sequences, protocol-specific messages and error messages.