Connect ASCII Devices to an Allen-Bradley PLC

The perfect tool to connect Legacy ASCII systems to an Allen-Bradley PLC



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Product Description

Get Your ASCII Devices Connected Directly to the Data Table of Your Allen-Bradley PLC

The 460ETCA moves data between a serial ASCII device and 1 – 5 Allen-Bradley PLCs.

With the 460ETCA you now have a solution to get ASCII weather stations, UPS systems and any other ASCII devices that output a compound ASCII string connected to your Allen-Bradley PLCs. With the 460ETCA your ASCII devices are quickly and easily connected to user defined Tags or Registers in the data table of your Allen-Bradley PLC.

How Does the Data Move In and Out of the PLC?

Incoming and outgoing ASCII data is mapped to and from user defined tags or registers in the data table of your Allen-Bradley PLC. You allocate two areas of tags or register blocks in your Allen-Bradley PLC. One area is a user defined set of write only tags or register blocks accepting ASCII data. The other area is full of read only tags or register blocks to send data to your ASCII device. You directly map ASCII data into read and write locations in the data table of your Allen-Bradley PLC.

If your device uses delimiters, the 460ETCA can be configured to automatically remove the delimiters on incoming messages and add delimiters back in on outgoing messages. No need to deal with the delimiters in your PLC. If you need to parse your data, the 460ETCA can parse a string of ASCII data in up to 20 segments by delimiter or offset.

It’s designed to be a simple ASCII interface and it really is that simple.

Why Use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?

The 460ETCA provides an option to access those ASCII devices that always seem to creep into your architecture no matter how hard you try to keep them out. With the 460ETCA you can easily connect to those devices with your Allen-Bradley PLC.

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Part Number
Good For Barcode Readers, Weigh Scales, Displays and other ASCII devices Weather Stations, UPS Systems and any other Ethernet TCP/IP devices that output a compound ASCII string
PLC Setup ASCII string gets mapped to a single Tag or Register ASCII string can be parsed to multiple Tag or Register locations
Alarming N/A Email alarming available
Same Pricing Model
  • Manual
  • 3’ power cable with flying leads
  • 5-year hardware warranty
  • IPSetup software — automatically locates RTA gateway on the network
  • Unlimited firmware feature upgrades for life
  • CAT5 cross over cable for direct connection to PC during programming
  • Complete, unlimited access to our industry leading support staff

ASCII Device Features

Operation Modes: Bidirectional ASCII Transmit and Receive
Maximum Number of Devices Supported: 2
Maximum Number of ASCII Characters Transferred: 1024 in each direction
Delimiter Processing: Incoming delimiters automatically removed; Outgoing delimiters automatically added
Parsing: Parse string of ASCII data in up to 50 segments by delimiter or offset
Concatenation: Concatenate up to 50 segments/strings of ASCII data with optional delimiter

EtherNet/IP Tag Client Features

PLC Support: ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, MicroLogix, SLC’s and PLC5E’s
Maximum Number of PLCs Supported: 5
Maximum Number Read Tags or Registers Supported: 150 per PLC
Maximum Number Write Tags or Registers Supported: 150 per PLC
Array Support: Yes, for all data types except strings
Supported Data Types: ControlLogix / CompactLogix / FlexLogix: Bit, 32 Bit Array, SINT, INT, REAL, STRING, DINT, MicroLogix / SLC / PLC5E: 16 Bit Array, INT, REAL, STRING

Gateway Security
You can configure up to nine different users with access to diagnostic and configuration screens.

Set <, <=, >=, >, ==, !=, and Change-of-State rules on any data moving through the gateway. If alarm rule is triggered an email notification can be sent.

Translation Table
Allows for data manipulation during protocol translation. Scaling and other data format changes can occur in the gateway.

Status and Counters
Protocol specific status, counters and error messages are accessible within the gateways diagnostics page. They can also be delivered to a connected device.

Diagnostic Logging Page
Allows users to see and log start up sequences, protocol specific messages & error messages.